CPDRC inmates

CPDRC(Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center) inmates here made it big last year in YouTube after performing Michael Jackson's Thriller moves in sync,now it has grown to 14 million views. Wow!.

Then I also noticed some new additions. Here is the latest Souljah+MChammer. LOL. Notice also the viewers from the breaches, like watching a concert of some sort. I've read from a news that at the end of the two hour program, which is held the last Saturday of every month, visitors can have their pictures taken with the prisoners. They can also buy souvenir prison shirts. Yay! Is this really prison or a tourist destination? Hahaha.

I believe it is part of their exercise, instead of the regular morning exercises, they are taught dancing lessons instead. If I will be going to prison, then maybe I would request for a tranfer there. Haha.

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