We are short on RICE!

I’ve been eating in this small cafeteria for the past few months, the prices of my meal doesn’t seem to change much so I just bring with me almost the exact amount of what I expect that I would be having. Yesterday was just the same, I walked down the stairs, and then walked a couple more meters and eureka! There I was.

The place is crowded, as I expected. After finding a vacant seat, I ordered Adobo,2 orders of rice, ginatang langka, and a bottle of coke. I never mind how noisy others were, gossiping about their respective crushes in their campuses, that one girl on the other table so wanted to talk to that person yet doesn’t have the courage to do so. How her companions are giving her a push and promised to help the poor girl. How they said that “if you’re not going to talk to him now, you’ll not going to have another chance, it’s already vacation.” Nahhhh…I’m not paying attention to those things. I just sit there and continue my purpose.

After finishing my meal, I went to the counter and was surprised that my meal cost more than usual. I just remembered that reports are saying our rice stocks are low, oww so that explains it, and PGMA and others are looking for ways of increasing it. Despite the efforts of some to boosts rice stocks, others are using this incident to profit more for themselves. The modus operandi: buying low priced NFA rice, and re-bagging them at different sack labels, then offering them at, of course, higher prices. Good thinking, as one of my friends will say it “tubuan sana kayo ng %$%$ sa noo.”

For now I’m thinking to go on a diet. What do you think?

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