Earth Day April 22, 2008

Mother EarthSo today is Earth Day. Here in the Philippines it is tagged as "Agos:Earth Day 2008" with the theme "Tubig buhay natin, ating pagyamanin".
As we all know, many of the diseases occurring the Philippines today is with connection to our water sources. This is one of those days that we are reminded to take good care of our Mother Earth and protect the environment.

In line with this Earth day celebration, I stumble upon a news about a group of freshman students from ADMU that will represent the Philippines in the Imagine Cup Tournament sponsored by Microsoft in Paris, France this coming July. The GIGO(Garbage In, Garbage Out) program they presented won 1st runner here(Ph). It like a database of Trash/Garbage with its corresponding descriptions, health risks, proper disposal, and recycling. Yay! Good thinking. Hope this program will be up online soon to help our citizens be more aware of the hazards of their trash and help save our dear Earth.

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