Pinoys are starving

Watching the news today makes me think what ignited this "rice shortage" and increase in price of other products. Every week the prices keeps getting higher and the media is very good in headlining the news to panicking viewers, as the saying goes "bad news sells". I think it will not be long till the finger pointing begins, but who is really to blame? Do you know that in terms of land area we are ranked 72nd but in terms of population we are ranked 12th? Now I won’t really be surprised if the food supply will be short, it’s just happening earlier than some of us think. Another problem here is that most of those who belong to the poor are also the ones who tend to have more children.

Our population is increasing tremendously but the land area is not. More and more lands will be filled with houses, buildings, establishments and factories thus increasing waste, garbage and pollution. Inversely proportional to these increase are the area of our forest, rivers, and farms thus decreasing our food supply thus the shortage. In a shortage like this, many problems will also rise; companies closing, workers loosing jobs, crimes increasing, etc. etc... If we are not going to do something about the country’s population growth the same problems will just keep on reoccurring.

More is not always merrier.

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