Synchronize to PW (perfect world) Time

Lately I’ve been working to find ways synchronizing my time to PW (ph) time. As of the moment I have timed my clock based on the territorial war announcements made this week. Since that I’ve somehow got hold of the time, my friends keep on asking me the right PW time. So I’m thinking why not share it here.

To synchronize your PC’s time please follow these instructions:
1. Go to Control Panel --> Date and Time --> Internet Time
2. Check automatic synchronize…
3. Type
4. Hit Update. Wait for the success message. (If there is an error, try later).
5. If successful, Hit Apply.

Refresh this page to see the new time.

This is not 100% accurate though. The best way will still be waiting for PW automated timed events and adjust your individual clocks, then check them by waiting for the succeeding events.

Hope somehow this helps.
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Fig. 1

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