wanted: bed

For the past few nights and days I've been tweaking this blogsite from; colors, fonts, and some pictures, to editing HTML, placing links, and subscribing to various sites. I am quite new to these things so editing pages takes me hours. I do find some trouble making up my mind…(sometimes).

Reading mostly is the culprit, I spent most of those times reading other’s blog, how to do this-how to do that, and other blogging for dummies sort of things. Now my eyes are killing me.

On the contrary I do love the fact that I’m learning new things, Information just keeps on pouring. It is like; a big dam breaks in front of me while I’m playing with tadpoles on the river, waaaah.

As you can see, my blogsite needs more improvements. As of the moment I’m just copy-pasting everything up.

Off to bed. What the!!! Im not using that bed...my side pillows will fall-off.

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