ikariam browser game

Summer is here and it is really getting hot outside. Staying somewhere cool like shopping malls, movie houses, internet shops seems to be a nice idea, I'm really not the homebody type anyway.

Ow about the title, i just saw a friend of mine playing ikariam this afternoon. Though I really don't know every detail of the game yet.

Ikariam is a strategy browser type of game wherein you can build structures, gather resources, increase your population, build your own army, attack/conquer other towns, build your colonies, form alliances, and a lot more.

If you want to check-out the game here are the links:

I really don't know the difference between the two but since my friend said he's playing on ikariam.org (beta server), I registered there as well.

It also says there that its free but it also offers some premium features.
See you there

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