DotA AI 6.51 map download

I just found a 6.51 version of the DotA(Defense of the Ancients)map. Downloaded the map and tried playing for awhile. The AI is good, I mean better than the last DotA AI that I've played, just that sometimes a message will appear saying something like "this hero blah-blah is not fully supported in this version", but I guess it is for some chosen heroes only.

If you want to try it for yourselves heres the link that I've found: DotA AI 6.51 map download

I think it is better for some who just started playing DotA to first try an AI map, finding/testing a certain hero that he would like to master or practice, rather than playing it instantly on online portals, like the BattleNet or gg-game.

Still, it will be best to find friends to play with you in this great team oriented game.

Have Fun

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