Perfect World PH

I’ve been playing PW (perfect world) for 5-6 months I guess. It is quite a good game. The characters are quite balanced for now and the graphics are cool (if your PC can handle high graphic settings). I am on low setting btw, especially during grinding and quests, I only change settings for “kodakan” purposes, and yes I will be very thankful if you would be kind to donate your PC to me, haha(‘snaky’ smile).

What made me play this game is the TW(territorial wars). It’s really an 80 vs 80 DotA map battle complete with towers and catapults. Also, the whole map looks like a huge chessboard waiting to be bid upon, as others will say the drama starts at the bidding phase until the gaining or losing lands/territories of a clan. Duel’s and PK’s are also available, there’s also a world chat option where everybody loves greeting everybody, and also not to forget the ever so present scammers.

Levelupgames will be launching the third server soon (serpent server). If you like to check it out visit their site here: Perfect World(PH)

See you in-game.

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